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Best Practices in Account Payable Management

Managing payable is a typical process to handle as it includes different activities that consume manpower and time and without using the best practices chances of mistakes and misshaping are always high which may increase the cost of the company. A big part of valuable time wasted in fixing the issues or mistakes created by the suppliers which result in making payable management more typical.


Why Accounts Payable?

When we talk about working in accounts payable, different things can be done to make a good day to turn it into a bad one - and these tasks are normal actions that took but a single moment or two to happen. Such errors normally happen not because of faulty practices or lack of training however often because people are not known the ways to improve the work conditions.


Suitable working capital flow is paramount to all business importance. This is true for small to medium scale businesses. When you manage accounts payable properly then it can be an effective strategy to protect and free up working capital.


Thanks to the best practices that can be taken into consideration to make your business secured. By implementing this, you can minimize the dangers and display that outcome from not having an effective recovery process and a completely secure system. While there are different practices and steps you can take, one of the most vital things is that you can easily track the number of elements in your account payable processing faculty.


Best Practices in Account Payable Management

  • Maintain the number of bills and invoices that come into your accounts payable section in a specific amount of time. The number of invoices will depend on your company size. Tracking these invoices will provide you with a baseline and help you track other things within your department.
  • It helps you know the number of invoices that are processed as a total number of invoices during a particular amount of time. Tracking of this assists measures how efficiently and effectively your faculty is performing their work. If you see that the work done is not sufficient, then be easy and analyze the required actions to improve the performance of your department.
  • Figure out the costing per invoice. Be attentive to notice things such as IT support, hardware, software costs, and other types of overhead. There are lots of tools to help you be effective and keep the down line in the black.
  • Be sure to note down the rate of wrong payments against the total payments. Pay attention to any over or undercharges. Utilizing different programs like HER you can minimize the occurrences of these issues.
  • Check out the electronic invoices as compared to paper invoices. It is less costly to process electronic invoices than paper. It also takes less time to process. So, more information storage and electronic processing is a decent way to enhance your work efficiency and improve your budget.

Following these best practices and steps, you can ensure that you are doing all the things to safeguard your business. Contact our team of business management and accounts payable specialists and start protecting your business in a better way.


Contributed by Sean Harris. Sean is a skilled maths-loving senior accountant. His strongest point is perhaps his affinity to using cloud-based modern tools to deliver faster results. His accounting methods are as swift as his fingers are on the keyboard. He is an explorer and always keeps finding something new to his accounting processes. To know more about his work, visit:


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